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Game Development

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Heizenrader Medical XR

Senior producer for EducationXR virtual training and simulation content, an app that publishes cross-platform, collaborative games for a variety of industries looking improve trainee efficiency.

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Cubic Military Solutions

Project manager (Agile) and creative oversight of a variety of military simulation-based training for DoD, with a focus in VR flight sim, which requires high attention to detail both in production and on contract.


ITEC Games

Produced a variety of game design assets for ITEC games. As the only technically educated manager, these projects require an eye for detail and an understanding of game engines (Unity) and coding (C#).

You Are Dead - Demo

This is a project that I have been steadily developing in Unity for about a year and a half. After spending time as a game producer for both Universal and ITEC, I found a passion for game design and development, and decided to invest in learning Unity and C# to produce this Zelda themed roguelike.

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