Video Production

Demo Reel

Video editing reel for narrative, documentary, and motion graphics.

Goodwill Commercial

Served as producer for this local Tallahassee commercial. Using traditional stop motion techniques and 3D animation, this small award-winning project was created for Mike Vasilinda Productions, one of many videos I produced in my time there.


Cenmark Mortgage Company

Click the image above to see one example of my work as a freelance video editor and motion graphics designer. I used Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to cut and put together the assets used in this commercial from scratch.

Late Nite Yums

Late Nite Yums was a short YouTube series/personal project I produced in 2018. I wrote, rehearsed, produced, directed, shot, lit, edited, and designed all elements of this series. I had a very small crew and a non-existent budget, but you can see all four episodes under the YouTube account associated with this first episode.

Media Inspired

I produced, shot, edited, and designed the motion graphics for this little project, which was a submission for an iPhone/iPod video contest. Unfortunately, that contest was cancelled before I could submit, but it always ended up being one of my favorite shorts because of its inspirational mood.