I'm Jones.

High Level
  • 10+ years visual media design

  • 6+ years project management

  • 2+ years gaming and software (Unity/ C#)

A Bit More

I have experience collaborating with senior management of fortune 500 companies, pitching high quality concepts, implementing new processes of design production, and leading teams forward on a strict schedule and budget, production for top-tier design firms.


I also have a strong background in asset and office management, excellent project management and leadership skills, and a creative eye for detail and product’s needs.


I’ve worked with major IPs such as Harry Potter, Nintendo, Despicable Me, Spider-Man, Sesame Street, Dreamworks, King Kong, and even Spielberg projects!

  • Was on the opening design team for Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Islands of Adventure

  • Presented my VR production to Steven Spielberg

  • Collaborated with Peter Jackson on design package

  • Collaborated with Shigeru Miyamoto on AR interactive